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Re: Superman

This is a good read, thank you.

I believe the Bible called these beings angels and they envied us for we had free will. I understand that we want Utopia, but at what cost? When we speak of Superman, I believe he represents ideology that should never be realized, only emulated. Hollywood felt the man of steel so untouchable as to make the most recent movie about his out-of-wedlock, deadbeat dad relationship with Lois Lane. Truly the only thing better than seeing 'em go up is watching come down... in flames.

We should seek to affect our lives for the better. But, should we never taste a cheeseburger for fear of heart disease? Or, exercise to the exclusion of other activities? I think in pursuit of the Global Citizen we sometimes get ahead of the natural curve of things. As an example, when Henry Ford rolled the first car off the assembly line, he did not have to incentivize people to sell their horse and buy a car... Unfortunately we now are being force fed an electric vehicle that is in few ways better than a conventional vehicle. Bad concept? Absolutely not. Bad timing? I'll let GM's sales speak for themselves...
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