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Re: ki testing...emphasis on both uke and nage getting stronger

A few thoughts,

1/ A one seminar I went to in the early 2000's Kataoka Sensei of the Ki Society hombu, I think was so dismayed at the competitive Ki testing going on that he had someone test the person doing the Ki test. Where the testing was competitive the person doing the testing usually failed the Ki test. (Of course it presupposes that the 3rd person isn't being competitive, maybe you need a 4th person..but then its getting silly )

2/ At high levels you often hear the koan-esk statement 'Ki test...there is no Ki test' it only recently made a sort of sense, in that if you extend towards the person doing the Ki testing, such that you unbalance them below the threshold of perception...there really is no Ki test because they now have no power they can apply.