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Re: Conformity and the Bicycle Lesson

I really like this image of the bike riding lessons. It brings to mind couple of personal anecdotes (with morals!):

When my son was learning to ride his two-wheeler, the first time I let go of him he weebled right into my neighbor's car and did $400 worth of damage. It was really hard not to get mad at him! The brave little guy marched up to their house (with me right behind), told him what had happened and apologized. I, of course, paid for the damage. He wasn't too traumatized (partly due to my ability to not lose it on him, since it really wasn't his fault). He went on to be a pretty awesome bike rider (later that week, if I recall correctly).

Moral: If you make the decision to let go, you are partly responsible for the consequences.

Same son. When he was about 5 years old, he was taking swimming lessons in the shallow "kid" pool at the local YMCA. He was kind of bored with the process, and tried to convince me that he was a competent swimmer and didn't need lessons. I knew he 50% believed his own lie and that it would lead to all kinds of water-safety issues if I didn't disabuse him of his delusion, but he's always been a difficult lad to convince. So I told him if he could swim across the deep end of the big pool, he could quit swimming lessons.

Little dude smirks at me and jumps into the big pool, intending to swim across. About ten feet out he starts going under, with myself and the lifeguard watching from the side. I let him call for help a couple of times and get some water in his mouth (as the lifeguard watched, horrified), then jumped in and pulled him out. He decided to keep going to swimming lessons. He is now a very confident swimmer.

Moral: Sometimes you have to let go even if you know it is not going to turn out well.

I sure love that little guy. Since I'm on the topic, here's another story about him, if anyone is interested.

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