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ki testing...emphasis on both uke and nage getting stronger

I realized this morning again why the emphasis in Ki testing should be kept non-competitive. The focus can get lost so easily as uke and nage get competitive. Our goal in Ki training is to develop a strong, centered, calm feeling that is dependable under any circumstance.

Testing for this dependable feeling especially with new students is very gradual. It allows nage to come to know what being centered feels like and then to trust that feeling. Many people know how to be centered. It takes a lot of practice to trust that relaxed, centered feeling during technique. It really does work more effectively yet nage often takes years to be able to use it successfully in technique. Not because they can't feel it but they don't trust it. Nage goes back to muscling and that provides places to rest and resist.

All this gets lost when I compare myself to you. I can train and become as good as I can be.

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