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Re: hips and shoulders

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On video:
Well I guess most endeavors could start with an observation of something not understood which then sparks an interest to dig further. Understanding the 'how' and recognizing 'something' interesting is happening are two different things.
Well, years of watching this and feeling it and seeing it...haven't helped many people has it?
Care to read and meet all of the people who are stupified at why the all the pushing tests he showed even mattered?

Understanding why he was doing those push tests and what they really conveyed is like talking a foreign language to teachers who...oddly enough, themselves, just feel like anyone else on the street. It's all just a mystery to them. After all is said and done we end up with teachers with little to no connection....doing kata, and they still don't know why and how to fix themselves or even that they need fixing.
It's all so sad...and avoidable.

I enjoyed the videos of Bill Gleason, and I've seen a few others of him before. But when he starts talking about fire and water I get lost.
Yup. Budo takes research and travel. It always has.
Funny that once again...a guy you don't taking off and doing things don't understand.
I stopped an Aikido shihan (who was also a BJJ teacher) in his tracks in a very public venue. Ya know what he told his friends later? He said what I was telling him and explaining to him was like a....a... foreign language. Concepts and idea he had never heard of before.
So, what breaks the pattern? Observation, and being handed things on a platter never worked....ever. I think only research, travel and doing the work will make the difference. not going to do it. Ten years from now there will be men and women of power in Aikido doing what Ueshiba was doing. And many here will not be able to and will still be here wondering what happened and what people are talking about.
I suspect it's always been this way.

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