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Re: hips and shoulders

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
The internet is the only place there is any debate, as it is the only place the detractors of this material have any sort of voice.
I haven't engaged in a debate. I did make a request for more information in the form of a...

I have no interest in video on how to do this stuff. It is difficult to teach with personal instruction so why put up video that others can stink up the place with, by mimicing movement that they show little understanding of, hence nothing on You Tube needs to feel and to learn...not observe something they do not understand.
Well I guess most endeavors could start with an observation of something not understood which then sparks an interest to dig further. Understanding the 'how' and recognizing 'something' interesting is happening are two different things.

I think you might find that Aikiweb has become the best site on the web to get information on where to find people teaching this material in Aikido. And that is only one reason people come here. Most come for regular Aikido until they discover what aiki was and is and how to train it.
I don't speak Aikikai so well and many simply invent terminology anyway so it is frustrating to me. It seems simpler to concentrate on the (Yoshinkan) basic movements on the mat and shoot the breeze in the open discussions area. Perhaps my outlook will change in the future.

I enjoyed the videos of Bill Gleason, and I've seen a few others of him before. But when he starts talking about fire and water I get lost.

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