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Re: hips and shoulders

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Sorry the link didn't work. It was simply a screen capture searching for your name on YouTube. The point being nothing relevant shows up. My gripe i have with your message is simply if you have criticism please post something to compare against.
Hello Sir
I am not griping. I am stating facts that I support with my open rooms with shihans in Aikido and MMA guys-who would like nothing more than to prove me wrong.

The internet is the only place there is any debate, as it is the only place the detractors of this material have any sort of voice. In person, they all fail; one after the other, after the other, on and on, month after month, year after year. It's surreal that there is any argument left since so far they have a 100% failure rate. In most sciences, sports, and work environments, that would force a change.
Budo rarely concerns itself with truth or efficiency; it's about kata, preservation and rank. So they simply fail because they fail to really learn and grow. It's just the way it is. Every couple of generations some amazing men (yes Mary, it's been men) show up and shake things up...that's about it. And most of the ones that show up...are outside of traditions or on the fringes, until they start their own.
So, if history is any judge, we migh start looking for the next giants...on the fringes of budo, or outside of budo alltogether. History tells us that there is a good chance- that is where they will be.

Here is a tip
Don't look to authority for truth
Look to truth for Authority

You will be far better off in the end.
I have no interest in video on how to do this stuff. It is difficult to teach with personal instruction so why put up video that others can stink up the place with, by mimicing movement that they show little understanding of, hence nothing on You Tube
To embrace one would first have to observe, correct? needs to feel and to learn...not observe something they do not understand. In regards to moving from center, and having internal power and aiki? That brings you quickly back to zero...where most budo people are in my opinion
Just as an aside,
I don't know why others come to this site, but i don't come here for technical instruction.
If you have to go to the internet for that, time to change schools.
I think you might find that Aikiweb has become the best site on the web to get information on where to find people teaching this material in Aikido. And that is only one reason people come here. Most come for regular Aikido until they discover what aiki was and is and how to train it.

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