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Re: hips and shoulders

The admonition that your center was three fingers below your navel or "between your hips" is wrong for martial arts.

So, enough already......
There are a number of world famous experts in the Japanese arts out there in public teaching internal power and aiki. You know them, you know who I am talking about. Ask them the following;

1. Questions
Three inches below navel
1. For energy why would that point matter?
2. For power and making aiki why would it not matter much at all?
3. What is your center connected to?
4. How?
5. What makes it matter?
6. Where is the bottom?
7. Where is the top?
8. Where is back?
9. Where is the front?
10. how do you train to make *it* move as the driver and NOT the hips?
11. that a better way to move and important?
12. What are five important principles in play that effect the expression of it?

Ask for detailed answers and to be taught.

What you are going to discover is one or several of the following;
a. They really don't know the answers
b. They wont tell you the answer
c. They know some, not all
d. They have no clue how to actually teach what they do
e. They don't care to teach you

3. Conclusions
a. If.........they don't know?
b. Why....don't they know?
After all is said and done
c. Why don't you know?
d. Why do you feel like most every other Tom, Dick and Harry on the planet?
e. When, where and how, do you propose to make a difference toward excellence in your budo? More Kata?

Secondarily, I would add that there are valid teachings that are partially (and only partially) true and others that are more complete. Therefore getting *some* results from one practice and using it to validate *all* of that practice as a huge pitfall.


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