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Anthony Loeppert
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Re: hips and shoulders

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
I didn't get the you tube link to work but anyhoo.....
It is actually conveniant to keep targeting individuals, Anthony. It keeps the community from stepping up to the real truth that this material is ages old, out there in other cultures and their arts, and your own founder discussed and pointed to it and could do it, and that the majority of you missed it.
Sorry the link didn't work. It was simply a screen capture searching for your name on YouTube. The point being nothing relevant shows up. My gripe i have with your message is simply if you have criticism please post something to compare against.

The internet is sounding more and more like sour grapes.... as in person everyone keeps failing against it then switching to training it.
Most any other endevour would embrace that success.
To embrace one would first have to observe, correct?

Just as an aside,
I don't know why others come to this site, but i don't come here for technical instruction.
If you have to goto the internet for that, time to change schools.
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