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Re: hips and shoulders

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Very simple Jim
I was responding to Mary, not anything to do with Endo.
And my comment was limted to those from aikiweb posting-not the conflated comment about all people ever involved with Aikido throughout history; pre and post war as you stated.
But in your response that you state was aimed at Mary, you go on to refer to "internal power teachers", "senior Japanese Shihan", and "big shot Masters" who don't move from/with the center (in your opinion). If you want to split hairs and now claim that when you said "from here," you were referring only to videos of people posting in this particular thread on AikiWeb, fine. I ask again that to further the discussion, you post a video of an aikidoka moving from, or connecting to someone, using his or her center well. It doesn't have to be someone participating in this discussion, or even still alive. It would be nice if you could use one of someone other than Ueshiba Morihei. It would be terrific if it were someone non-Japanese (and again, it doesn't have to be you).


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