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Re: hips and shoulders

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If only Dan would step on our collective toes causing the tops of our heads to pop open. Then he could dump in his wisdom.

Instead we have to rely on youtube I suppose:

It is odd though, someone so adept at criticizing the videos of others, would be so shy posting videos of himself.
I didn't get the you tube link to work but anyhoo.....
It is actually conveniant to keep targeting individuals, Anthony. It keeps the community from stepping up to the real truth that this material is ages old, out there in other cultures and their arts, and your own founder discussed and pointed to it and could do it, and that the majority of you missed it.

The personal targeting of me only works on the internet, as the truth of what I am saying is much greater than just a single voice. Moreover that it speaks for itself in person with people who both understand the work Ueshiba wrote about and can do it. It is not about a single person or personality; it is about a body of work that produces soft power and aiki. Which explains the growing skills of a myriad of folks who stepped up to the truth of Ueshiba's legacy. Unfortunately, that means you have to target an ever growing number of teachers. Not so easy to so when the numbers keep growing.

You can castigate the information dump as you will, but your shihans and senior teachers are still stumped and will remain stumped until they embrace the truth. There is no out, no hall pass and are not going to get an "A" standing next to someone who does get Ueshiba's work. It is as bold and undeniable in person as that. The internet is sounding more and more like sour grapes.... as in person everyone keeps failing against it then switching to training it.
Most any other endevour would embrace that success. But budo is rarely about truth or success over factionalism and rank and affiliation.

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