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Re: hips and shoulders

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I thought we were in the middle of a discussion of movement involving the hips and shoulders and the relationship of that kind of movement to movement of, and/or from the center/dantien. There was an attempt to use a video of Endo-sensei to facilitate this discussion. You stated:

In response to your comment above, which I placed in bold type, I asked you to post a video of an aikidoka which shows a good example of that aikidoka Please explain how my request was not a reasonable response to what you wrote --- and please remember to post a video that responds to my request.

Very simple Jim
I was responding to Mary, not anything to do with Endo.
And my comment was limted to those from aikiweb posting-not the conflated comment about all people ever involved with Aikido throughout history; pre and post war as you stated.
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