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Re: hips and shoulders

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
I am surprised you can't see how he feels. I can almost feel it. I don't need to have it explained with words. I have seen enough and felt enough to know it.
We have breathing excercises I've trained since I practice aikidō. I only understood what's in them when I began to practice a certain form of qi gong. What can be seen from the outside is exactly the same. What happens inside is completely different.

I have a student who is very sensitive, very responsive. I practice with him when I study some stuff I can not yet do with a resisting partner and want to monitor myself.
About two weeks ago we did the "hand at the shoulder" stuff like in the video of Endo sensei. I didn't move on the outside, but I could make my uke loose his balance. By doing something like spiralling. Then by doing something like closing. Then by something like connecting from my center two his center visualizing the connectiong from joint to joint. Then by rotating my shoulder from the shoulder blade. Then by "moving my center up into my shoulder".
A student who started aikidō with me together asked: "Are you doing anything?"
A friend of mine who knows that I am endophil said: "Well, I assume he just applying atari again ;-)"

I have clearly not seen as much and not felt as much like you. When I met Endo I realized that there is something to learn that was different. And that could not be stolen just with the eyes. And by now I can asure you, that there are certain things to be learned to understand what he does. And the chinese stuff is part of this.

Can't you feel ... ?
Can't you see ... ?
I can see what I know.
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