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Re: It Had to Be Felt #24: Chiba Kazuo: "There We Were, Two Handsome Young Men"

I hesitate to post this, but because it was specifically mentioned as being understood as part of a forum like this, in a thread like this: I've really enjoyed these columns! They are exactly the kind of thing I've wanted to read for a "long" time. Even though I know words and impressions always fall short in important ways, I do believe there is a lot that can be gained through the descriptive process.
So while I'm here and thinking about it, thank you to everyone for providing an insight into your direct experiences and impressions with these pillars of Aikido history! In this specific case, thank you Henry Ellis Sensei for giving such a detailed account of one of the Aikido personalities I've always been fascinated by!
I eagerly look forward to these columns; they're probably my favorite thing on Aikiweb right now and it's due to the format as well as the content.
Matthew Gano

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