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Re: It Had to Be Felt #24: Chiba Kazuo: "There We Were, Two Handsome Young Men"

Jun Akiyama wrote: View Post
The above post has been moved from the "It Had to Be Felt #24 - Chiba Kazuo" column thread as the post is not congruent with Ellis's wish for the "It Had to Be Felt" series:
  • Follow-up posts should be substantive, striving to equal the depth of the original essay. Simply agreeing with the writer, or a brief comment that, yes, the teacher in question was really powerful or had a wonderful shihonage or the like, are not congruent with the purpose of this archive.
Further information on the "It Had to be Felt" series may be found in his introductory column thread.


-- Jun
Dear Jun/Akiyama Sensei,
Mr Smith [Phil]over the years has been uke at many of Chiba Senseis courses in the U.K. I think that while the comments he made might be brief , they are valid nevertheless. Having known Chiba Sensei and been uke for him on many occasions myself and been an uchideshi in San Diego Aikikai , to describe Chiba Sensei as powerful [in his early days ]man, very charismatic and a teacher who inspires people is as complete an analysis of Senseis art as one could wish for..He was/is a remarkable man , his weapon work is wonderful, his body art superb. In a word ,and Mr Ellis would agree here, Chiba Sensei is very sincere , at times he could be quite severe.He always leads from the front and last but not least he demands high standards of committment from his students.I ask myself what more does one need to glean an insight into the the character and art of Chiba Sensei?To merely say Chiba Sensei is tough etc in no way captures the essence of the man . Joe.
Ps Phil, I meet Chiba Sensei tomorrow[Thurs ].
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