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Re: Aiki in MMA

Back after a little journey....I saw the Silva Sonnen fight and Steven Seagal was the first man to congratulate Silva when he stepped out of the octogon. I don't want to read into this too much... but during the fight I definitely agree with Mr Varin that something "Aiki" was going on there. You could feel it all through the contest and there was a marked difference from their first fight. At the very least there were some basic Aikido principles in play....

Now I'll let you guys get back to your regularly scheduled endless discussion about "Aiki". I am personally not going to comment on it anymore...I'll just keeping looking for ways to experience it and learn how to use it.

I sure hope James Williams comes on here one of these days and share his views on Aiki because that guy is five steps on the path past almost anyone else I've encountered so far.

William Hazen
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