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Re: Aikido and Budo

David Alexander wrote: View Post
Some people like racing cars. Some people like playing chess. Some people like making pottery. And some people like training Aikido as a true budo like O-sensei intended. They all do their thing because they enjoy it, not because of some power trip.
I have no objection to providing light training for people who want it. My objection is the allegation that Aikido is not budo. This implies that serious training has been abandoned and replaced entirely by light training, which I agree is not budo, to make Aikido "more popular".
If someone wants to train budo, they can go to a hard style dojo (try finding one these days). If someone wants light exercise, they can go to a recreational dojo. There is room for both. No problem. Nobody gets cut. To each his own.
If you ask me (nobody did, of course ), it's not about hard or light - it's about intensity. I would call this budo, and also this - but both are very "light" and can be practiced by anybody at all.

One of the problems with the conventional training method in Aikido is that, even though it is usually billed as something that can be practiced by anyone, it is very difficult to lighten the training physically without losing the intensity in a conventional setting.



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