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Re: hips and shoulders

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post
Do I get you right:
You are able to see, how Endo sensei feels?
Could you elaborate this?
I experienced it very difficult to see, what he is really doing, while only watching him. I on the contrary learned that there is a lot to know until I can see, what he is doing.
And he often esecially explains what he is feeling and how and why. Because it is not self-explanatory or evident.

But you are right: If want knows, what he is doing inside, one can see it on the outside.
I am surprised you can't see how he feels. I can almost feel it. I don't need to have it explained with words. I have seen enough and felt enough to know it.

Can't you feel when someone has lost their center when you are their nage? Can't you feel when you have lost your center when you are nage? Can't you see how one of your students looks when they have lost their center?

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