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Re: hips and shoulders

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
I am quite competent, Carsten,. I was not describing Endo, Sensei's aikido. I was describing mine. I saw how Endo Sensei feels. Thanks you for your thoughts.
I inteded to refer to more competent students of Endo's aikidō than I am. I didn't mean to question your comptence or someone else's competence concering aikidō in general. I just wantet to clear up the misunderstandings concerning Endo's aikidō.

Do I get you right:
You are able to see, how Endo sensei feels?
Could you elaborate this?
I experienced it very difficult to see, what he is really doing, while only watching him. I on the contrary learned that there is a lot to know until I can see, what he is doing.
And he often esecially explains what he is feeling and how and why. Because it is not self-explanatory or evident.

But you are right: If want knows, what he is doing inside, one can see it on the outside.
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