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Re: Why do we do it?

Marc Carlstrom wrote: View Post
You do not enjoy learning and training Aikido? I assume you are in some form of law enforcement? Otherwise why on earth would you do it?
Dear Marc,
Let me explain.I have done martial arts for over 57 years.These included judo , kendo, aikido.[over 40 years]Aikido gives me an outlet to try and keep myself in shape.It also stimulates my mind. I guess I consider it a bit like a job in the sense that I go out for a few nights etc and get on with the work.I like meeting people and their company and outlook keeps me alive.The actual training of Aikido can be at times boring, doing the same actions is a bit like eating the same meal every day.The trick is of course to find something of value in the art.I prefer to try and practice Big Aikido ie life skills.This is where the real challenge lies, not within the confines of a dojo.As far as being in Law Enforcement is cocerned the answer is No.I would like to think I have an arresting personality , but again the answer may be negative here? Hope you are well.Cheers, Joe.
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