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Re: hips and shoulders

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
I don't know about your kids, by mine fell over more than a few times before they learned to stand up successfully.

A bull fighter or a surfer learns those things - but they are learned skills, that's the point.

How many surfers stand up on the board and shoot the tube the first day? Most of them have to work up to it, over a period of time. Surfing lessons usually start with someone standing up on the board - on the beach - with no movement. Fewer variables to deal with.


Don't know about the surfer example, sounds like some 'modern' way of learning. Surfing is learned in the sea.

The kids falling over etc. is once again dealing with motion. They learned the ability to walk. Yet another motion.

You said the point is so much other stuff going on implying that's the more important thing to learn first. If that was the case then the kids had better learn to read and write first and be taught about it before they learn how to walk.

The so much other stuff is learned by disciplining the motions of learning how to walk.

When you turn the corner whilst riding a bicycle there's also so much other stuff going on that I doubt you could even comprehend it so emphasis on it and research and delving is a nice mental exercise but pretty irrelevant for the most part for the bike rider learns by doing and practice, dealing with the motions, in fact blending with them.

The surfer, the bullfighter, the captain of a ship all have to learn to blend with the motions and thus 'conquer' the waves.

That's the platform operated from I would say. Therefor that's the point. The so much other stuff is not the point. They come about because of the point. That's my point

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