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Re: hips and shoulders

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Isn't standing up a motion? Children learn these motions and don't 'fall apart inside'.

A bull fighter learns motions without 'falling apart inside'

A surfer does too.

If you wan't to go further then I would say meditation itself is handling motion withou 'falling apart inside'

Aikido basics I would say.

I don't know about your kids, by mine fell over more than a few times before they learned to stand up successfully.

A bull fighter or a surfer learns those things - but they are learned skills, that's the point.

How many surfers stand up on the board and shoot the tube the first day? Most of them have to work up to it, over a period of time. Surfing lessons usually start with someone standing up on the board - on the beach - with no movement. Fewer variables to deal with.



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