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Re: Why do we do it?

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By coincidence, I found this after my last post. I think it contains some good answer material:
Thanks to Stanley Pranin for posting this.
I could not agree more with the author's point of view regarding instructors participating in training. I honestly do not think most instructors understand just how important it is to their students that they are seen participating in the martial art they teach.

When I was choosing a martial art school for my daughter, this was one of the deciding factors in where she would attend. The two lead instructors still trained with their instructor on weekends, participated in the warm ups, and fully engaged in the activities with the students.

In all honesty it was instructor participation(not just in their class but in the art itself) and their ability to actually "teach" which lead to the choosing of the martial art style and school. On a side note, I find it sad that most martial arts instructors are very very poor teachers, IMO.

Great, great article, thank you for linking.
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