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Re: hips and shoulders

George S. Ledyard wrote: View Post

We do need to focus on developing our own structures properly and understanding how proper connection actually functions. That's the platform. The trick in great Aikido is being able to take that platform and make it movable... at least that's my take on it.
Thinking of platform and making it moveable reminds me of something I watched maybe 30 years ago, I was at a local mall to buy something or the other and get a little lunch. In the central area they were have a fashion show using local folks. There were several young girls dressed up and wearing what were high high heels for the time. Standing they were the perfect picture.....structure was perfect....once they started to move it all fell apart.

With Aikido we have to incorporate the IP/IS and aiki into the whole to make right movement. Practicing for this is what makes it efficient.and effective.

My thoughts....

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