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It's funny that I can have conversations now with hundreds of aikido people on "knowledge how" and "knowledge about" aiki with no problems.

In fact, I recently had a great discussion with someone in aikido (who has never been to any seminar by Dan) about Ikeda and what he is doing internally. There was discussion of "knowledge how" and "knowledge about" without any issues.

Come to think of it ... it's really ironically funny that whenever there are issues regarding conversations of "knowledge how" and "knowledge about", it's usually with people who really haven't had good training experiences with aiki. (Note: Being an uke to a Japanese shihan and walking away wondering how said shihan did something is not a good training experience with aiki.)

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
So you go to seminars, train at home and begin to understand your body, IS/IP to some X GET IHTBF and can begin to replicate it.

The problem is, how to you change the conditions or expand them towards the direction of non-compliance or "less control"? How do you integrate this into what you do?

As you change those conditions and remove isolation...other variables as you mention Erick, begin to become important. Things like OODA, speed, strength etc. So now things become relative and we have to assign priorities. My point has been the IS/IP are lesser important than some of thes other things. That is ONE issue.
I may be misunderstanding your point ... but IP/aiki really is THE important thing. It is why Takeda, Ueshiba, Sagawa, Horikawa, etc all talked about it. They didn't equate techniques with it, didn't equate fighting with it, didn't equate jujutsu with it, etc. While those other things are important and are things that people can learn, it was IP/aiki that was the well-spring. It was why Ueshiba said, "We would do it this way with aiki" -- because aiki changed how the body functioned, whether in a compliant or non-compliant world.

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
However, for many, I think we'd like to think about oursevles as being 80 years old and like O'sensei. We want to be like him, yet we don't fully grasp what it takes to get there, nor do we fully understand the conditions that allowed O'sensei to be O'sensei.
Perhaps for many, they don't grasp those things... but, for many, now training IP/aiki, they do. And that is an important point to consider ...

Regarding the topic at hand of aiki in MMA by pointing out specific people ... shall we also turn our attention to specific *aikido* teachers who may/may not have aiki? After all, if we decide to open the MMA door publicly, why not aikido?
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