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Satori109 wrote:
This means that if a student is faced with a live weapon, he or she hesitates. This hesitation will, most likely, cost the victim their life. Given the choice of where I want a live weapon to be used on me and whom I want to be using it, I choose the dojo!
Understandable. However, in the dojo if you do 'hesitate' it might still cost you your life. In my experience, it is actually 'safer' to attack wholeheartedly than poorly, so your uke would have to be an extremely experienced and controlled swordsman, which, as wonderful as they are, can be hard to come by. By controlled I mean they must be able to stop a sword at the fraction of an inch.

Also- well made katana are EXTREMELY sharp. The bokken that accidentally brushes across our leg could mean a wodden leg with a live blade, along with the danger of damaging an expensive and beautiful katana.

Couple things to ponder...

Nick Porter
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