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Re: hips and shoulders

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Hold on a minute what's your problem?

My words and comments were on topic thank you. Chris was generalizing and taking it off topic and in fact is incorrect as well.

He said the term in martial arts is used for the general pelvic area and that kua is nothing similar at all. False.

Koshi can be used for the general pelvic area and is used as I describe as well, particularly in Karate for example, It can also be used for the ball of the foot, so what, that's off topic. So in martial arts it is used as I say and he seems unaware of that, not surprisingly no matter how much Japanese he speaks. Also kua as used in tai chi (which is what I said) is very similar and open to the same kind of misunderstandings as he appears to be showing here. Very pertinent to the point of Mary for example having students trying to 'find' their hips.

By the sounds of it if you trained with me you would too for it appears you haven't come across this either.

Just because someone is Japanese speaking doesn't equal they know everything to do with a certain subject. He was being general, I was being very specific and thus saying generalities are irrelevant and off topic.

"Ball of the foot" is "koshi" - but the kanji are different, it's a completely different word.

I think that very few native Japanese speakers (and none of the Japanese native speakers that I know that do Chinese arts) would equate "koshi" with "kua".

As for the rest, I've commented previously.



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