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Larry Feldman
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Re: It Had To Be Felt #23: Imaizumi Shizuo: "True Aiki"

I first met Imaizumi as a student of one of his senior students in 1986, after studing Aikido for 8 years.

What struck me first was his movement. He did a moving style of Aikido that I did not see in other parts of the Ki Society. You see other Shihan move when they do Aikido, but none seemed to show you how to do what they were doing. What really set him apart was that he taught you how to move. His footwork was always perfect, and he taught you how to ewmulate it - something I have never seen before or since.

From this footwork came this great power. Mark talks aboout cables - I likened it to grabbing a boa constrictor when I had a hold of him. But his footwork made for a fluidity that was hard to resist or fight - it was like he was on skates.

He is a minimalist through all the movements and use of footwork. Throws had tremendous power but no physical strength to speak of - something to feel. I had an image of a katana moving through water.

Go see the man if you ever have a chance.
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