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Re: Ma-ai

Mark Harrington wrote: View Post
Distance is the defense. Ma-ai , stepping back and speaking with someone at slightly more than arm's length so that they have to take a step and give away their intention to attack is crucial.
Obviously that would work, but I don't (as far as I understood it) think that was the original question. Rather, the question was if there was a defence for that specific situation - where you are NOT standing far away, but rather very close.
There are certainly psychopathic people out there, who would show no hint of doing you harm, before it was too late. To me it sounds like the guy was practically set up for a "hit", called up for a casual chat, nothing alarming, and BANG out of nowhere.

Geoff Byers wrote: View Post
I never claimed or implied it did. My point was quite separate from that.
Then I don't understand the relevance of what you were saying at all.
My answer was not specific to Aikido, it was a matter of human reaction time and circumstances. I don't see any Martial Art, or any technique, that could have avoided the attack, unless you were a very honed master.
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