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No defence?

Standing by the beach, early afternoon, awaiting for my elder son to finish with his swimming training.
A group of teenagers gathers around a same age bossy guy. You average teenage picture, boys and girls (10-12 of them) in their swimsuits. The guy in the middle gives orders to the group, like "you! now leave", "you! go there". The orders are followed without second thought by his peers.
Small type gang, i think.
Yet what can possibly go wrong? We are in a beach, it is 16:00 in the afternoon, the beach is full of people of all ages.
Then the group moves 10-15 metres up towards the road. I keep watching but cannot hear what they say anymore.
I can see that the "bossy" guy talks calmly to another lad. They stand very close to each other, less that a metre away pelvis to pelvis. They talk and look each other in the eyes. No gesturing, no tightness in the body language.
Suddenly the bossy guy moves his fist with enormous power and fierce speed back and forth towards the belly of the other guy.
The latter steps back and begins to run holding his abdomen. By the time he runs close to me i can see that his has been slashed as blood floods out running down his legs as he runs.
Police came later, them had all vanished.
The question, maybe thought more precisely, stands.
The distance was very close. "uke" and "tori" were a foot or two from each other. No warning to alarm on intentions (none i could tell, at least), no visual with the hands (on the victim's side).
Was there any chance of defence?
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