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Michael Hackett
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Re: Tap Tap Tap...

When I attended the AikiExpo in 2003, I was on the mat with Gaku Homma Sensei. Sensei was teaching sankyo and came to my partner and me to correct what we were doing. He took me into a very powerful sankyo and locked up my whole body. I was on my toes and remembered to start tapping. Unfortunately, I started tapping out by slapping Sensei on his shoulder. As I did, he increased the pressure a little and I increased the force of my taps a LOT!. He let go of me and I was mortified that I had been slapping Sensei hard, and as fast as the Little Drummer Boy. Me, a newbie smacking on a famous shihan!

Homma Sensei laughed out loud and said "Hurts, doesn't it?" No reply was necessary.

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