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I was trying to make peace, find common ground. Why argue pointlessly and ignorantly, why not tell someone in a way they understand, you understand their point, respecting that, and at the same time answer their questions respectfully. I wasn't going to bring up the things I disagreed with in the blog. By doing so I would have really gotten into thread drift, worse open myself up to inductive discussions. Why shoot myself in the foot?

Aiki like the article said isn' a proprietary word, "When reviewing the literature, it does seem to mean different things to different people." The definition isn't a strict one pertaining specifics. Because the term isn't cut in stone, different understanding arise and disagreements follow. I wouldn't use the word glibly to the use of the word aiki, as the blog did. Rather, I see it is being too broadly applied, and used far too proprietarily. In terms of the broadness, the word runs along the same lines as the words like, unique, and genius. Never the less that is the nature of language. The underlining point here is the term aiki doesn't specific thing or belong to anyone on or art.

Why than can't some people afford the idea that someone like Silva can't utilize aiki? I have already answered that question. So of course, Silva can use aiki, lots of people do, and I have explained why that is true too. No sense in going over old ground.

Being a professional coach, an athlete and studying Aikido gives me a more liberal understanding of aiki. I have no problem with saying Silva or others have aiki. I have no problem saying aiki in my mind isn't a thing, but instead having it all come together consistently. Here is where I think people have trouble. It is a matter of the application and the results of that application. We are too hung up specific application and results. If it doesn't fit in that box, it isn't aiki.

I don't see things that way, my profession and experience tells me things don't fit into neat little boxes. Besides, putting things into boxes when being discussed leads to fruitless arguments. It also provides opportunities for exploitation by people looking for personal and financial gain.They require things to be in boxes. You can't sell something that isn't unique, it has lesser value. You can't be unique and special if others have it too.

The point has come down too for me is to analyze Silva's performance and from there we can identify his use of aiki.
Good point Buck aka Jack!

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