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Re: Aiki in MMA

I don't understand the premise that because Silva is an elite level combat sport athlete, he has to know (or at least have some idea) about aiki. Are we talking about Takeda and Ueshiba's aiki, or yet another made-up personal definition? I'm not saying Silva has it or not, I'm only challenging the idea that because he's good at what he does, he has to know or have aiki to any degree. The aiki that came from Takeda and Ueshiba is hardly something you can get by chance or just by training hard in whatever, and suddenly at some high performance level "aiki" will manifest. I mean, dedicated budoka who were actively and specifically looking for aiki even under some of the best aiki exponents... missed it. Exponents of aiki-focused arts that are supposed to be authorities, are missing it. It's hard to come by, hard to get, harder still at a level usable for fighting, very rare. Then why would this skill suddenly appear in athletes and disciplines that were not actively training it or researching it?

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