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Re: Nobuyoshi Tamura Interview, Part 2

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Nice read, as always.

In regards to the comment from Mochizuki. I wonder if he ever asked him what he meant and if not, why?? If he resented it so much, you'd think at some point he'd say "ok, show me real aikido then".
LOL. I think that sort of happened to some aikido teachers, although with others. Reading the article about Shibata Ichiro and Shirata, you can't help but realize that Shibata Ichiro encountered real aikido from someone other than Morihei Ueshiba.

Funny, though, that when people tested Shirata, Shioda, Tomiki, Mochizuki, these people encountered something different. Different enough to make them stand out. Maybe not to the degree of Morihei Ueshiba, but definitely more so than they'd found in peers in aikido or judo.

Wonder what the difference was ...
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