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Benjamin Green
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Re: Ordered murder

By reasonable context, yes. We were talking about whether the protesters were responsible.
I don't consider historical examples applied to people who are alive today and weren't when the thing took place to be within reasonable context. It's obviously not what I, or anyone, was talking about.

You pay your taxes, those taxes fund wars, wars kill people. You buy from companies that exploit harmful power dynamics.... And then there are all the things we don't do that we could. If you walk past someone dangling off the edge of a cliff, screaming for help, and just walk on past with a 'screw it' then you're at least partially responsible when they splatter.

'To some degree or another.'

There's, sadly, a theme in moral thought of late to assume that all responsibility operates in the extremes of culpable action; you're either not responsible, pure and innocent, or completely and irrevocably damned.

It is of course important, if you intend to have any reasonable discussion, to distinguish between relative degrees of responsibility - and between responsibility and blameworthiness.
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