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If you start summing the consequences of peoples actions, almost everyone's responsible for almost everything, to some degree or another.
Right. I mean, even though the Holocaust occured 40 years before I was born, was on a different continent, and had nothing to do with me, I basically might as well have been the one giving the direct order to kill the Jews. It's all interconnected into the greater tapestry of life, right? (Complete sarcasm, btw)

I think most of us share in some form of hypocrisy, albeit to varying degrees. Perhaps that is what we need to take away from this. But you can't rightfully lump everyone into the category of a Stalin or Pol Pot.

Even in Vietnam, you had some soliders who didn't give a f*%k and killed babies or whatever. Then there were others who were maintained their morality and dedication and did their job and followed the rules. Then those guys would come back home, get spit on and called "baby killers" or whatever. It was one of those deals where good people got lumped in with bad and labled with an unfair classification. There are admittidly other complexities to issues like that, but I think it's otherwise pretty straightforward.
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