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Re: Aiki in MMA

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
I don't see these days how you can operate at a high level and not have some notions of what we label as aiki. Even Silva.

However, I think it is accidental most likely with only the best rising to the top and getting lucky, or maybe they have a really good coach that sets the conditions for these things to occur. Can they replicate it to a high degree, can they teach, can the isolate?

How do they ensure that large groups of those that apply the lessons, guidance, and formula achieve the same skills...or is it implicitly learned, or accidental?

If you do learn it...then how valuable is it realitive to other aspects of ability such as speed, strength, athleticism, or about the concepts of OODA, and know being able to think five moves ahead?

I value and I have been impressed by all those I have encountered that do IS....and I think there is great merit in the training. Again, for me it has been about realitive value.

I have found in my own experience that what little I have has been helpful to me in my own daily life and on the mat.
Hi Kevin,
Nobody is saying those other things are not important. But if "aiki" is another thing to add to the toolbox, then it is very valuable. If there is great merit in the training, there is great meritin in the training. It's as simple as that. My issue is that some people want to define aiki in the way they want to define it. There are many people out there claiming to teach aiki, including Mr. Stark. I want to know what his definition of aiki is, how he teaches it, and how it jives with the definitions of the people that characterized their arts with a thing called aiki and how it jives with the training paradigms.

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