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Re: Aiki in MMA

There are really no secrets...just an awful lot of people that have wasted a lot of training time doing stuff they are lead to believe will lead to something by those that while they may be able to do even.....can't teach it to you.

If you get with someone that can both show you and then teach you, well as many have said, it becomes clear and the rest of this discussion becomes a moot point.

The ones that tend to carry on the conversation are those that have not, or cannot do. At least this has been my experience.

Where I tend to separate myself from those that tend to specialize in this stuff, or spend all there time doing it, is I believe the training has realitive value as far as skills are concerned.

I could be wrong, but..everyone chooses their own ways and priorities.

What you won't find is my arguing about what it is any or isn't any longer...once you get hands on with someone that strips away all the pseudo martial, stylistic, and tactics
Crap, and focuses on the actual development and demonstration of this stuff...well again, you see it for what it is and begin to think...if you have half a brain...."how does this fit into my daily life?"

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