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Re: Aiki in MMA

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Being from the peanut galley, My definition of "aiki" was defined to me through Aikido, its practice, and watching Osensei films -based on my experience of coaching. Aiki definitions do change in regard to what subject is being talked about,like sport. But the principles are same even though the fields are different using different language to describe each activity's principles. The approach and application is what changes as the principles remain the same. Aikido approach and application doesn't work well in MMA, for instance. You have to change the language realizing applications and results are different. Some say Aiki is a single principle others say it is a skill set. In this discussion it is less complicated to go with it being one principle. My experience in other martial arts, sports, and MMA- dabbling in it and BSing with the guys- has helped me see a difficulty arises when terms and styles are mixed. When you use Aikido terminology and language to describe aiki and apply it to MMA. But if you use a common and not specialized language, such as using the language of science it creates much less confusion. I speak from experience on that one, learning the hard way. In a non contact sports context Golf and Aikido have allot in common, heck martial arts in general. But, don't expect martial arts to instantly be able to hit a ball. Don't expect golfers to be instantly adept martial artists. Both activities have much in common.
Aiki is definable and thus teachable. How do you define aiki, and how do you teach it? Did it jive with how Sagawa, Takeda, Ueshiba, etc. saw aiki and taught it?

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