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....... Unlike other people who post that there is no secret -- aiki was THE secret. Ueshiba stated that Tenryu could not move him because he knew the secret of aiki. NOT technique. NOT timing. NOT bobbing and weaving. NOT modern sports principles. Something completely different.
The more people keep assigning aiki as blending,,,the less likely they will ever be able to do so in pressured environments. And this recent teaching of making a four legged animal by.."making connection" is the wrong direction as well. As a method, it is more likely you will be reversed and controlled yourself, and you will not be the one to arrive first. Hence, for understanding what aiki is and how to train it, that mindset is full the wrong direction.

Bobbing and weaving and evading and entering are great. They just have nothing to do with aiki. It's fighting principles. Some are better than others.

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