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Re: Kata dori - tips to remember

Basia, our regional director is the one that grades us when he visits Sydney from Auckland, so there's bound to be some discrepancy that gets negotiated on the day. It's just that I'm aware that I'm learning so much from classes as they are, and I'd not want to interrupt the overall training plan just to study up for a grading. There are specific and wonderful principles I'm learning about, way beyond any single technique or attack, and I'm trying not to let my limited perspective take away any opportunity to keep exploring those. I know there'll be greater social pressure when everyone's watching during the test, if the list of techniques is followed as it is, but I'm honestly just trying to ignore that so I keep focused on the learning process. To each their own, I guess... I hope that made any sense...

Good stuff Phi, cheers! And Jørgen, the guys I train with are really often like overgrown puppies; there's bound to be some energy flying around! Interesting videos, btw, looks like it's time to get the club around for a movie night...

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