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Re: Might Isn't Right, But Strong Isn't Wrong

strength training isn't the problem. isolate muscle training is the problem for martial arts, not just aikido. strength is fine. strength in martial arts is the different between slamming into the other person with your entire body versus just your arm. what we want is the entire body, in one shot, i.e. "one move all (muscle and everything comprise of us) move". strength training where you use the ENTIRE BODY at the same time, that's the focus. in one thread, where someone mentioned about rowing boat, you want your entire body, not just the arms. that's the approach.

something to think about. muscle always contract, i.e. there is no push. the time it takes for muscle to relax back to its original length is more than 5X (if i remembered correctly) of the contraction. your body muscles worked against each other to keep you up right. the same group of muscles to raise your arms, will be the same group of muscles to act against when you lower your arms.

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