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A quick comment from the peanut gallery. Greatest martial artists of our time is....Muhammad Ali.

Personal definitions of Aiki: Ali's bobbing and weaving. His unmatched ability to read his opponents so well he was able to daunt them with fainting punches and superb footwork. Then landing devastating precision punches at will great speed and power. He had skills no other did before him. Be it boxing or Muay Thai, Krav Maga, or even MMA, it doesn't matter what his delivery system is he still would have been the greatest. His Aiki was his electrifying skill and talent, in and outside the ring. A fighter who has not been matched in any fighting sport.
I am quite sure that what captivated professional seasoned warriors who were chasing the development of aiki.....was not Bobbing and weaving and timing. They had seen quite a bit of that.

I am equally sure that 99% of all those who practice budo have no idea of what they are talking about. They do not feel unusual, nor are they exceptional, nor can they generate unusual power and aiki...they just "share" observations from wherever they may be in their own journey. I mean, everyone is nice and all. Everyone wants to be friendly, but aren't we in pursuit of unusual people with unusual skills. To that end, does it really matter what most people think about aiki? Has it ever mattered?
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