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Re: Ordered murder

Keith wrote:
There are reasons not to have discussions with you.

Let me summarize the logic here.

Me: Most american males are under 6'4" tall.

You: You mean like Kareem Abdul Jabbar?

Me: What in the hell does that have to do with the truth value of the statement?
I don't understand that first sentence at all, but no matter. And the example you are giving is the "exception to the rule, thus you are wrong" analogy, which I also don't agree with. I can see how one might mistake my comment about Pat Tillman as such, but it was mainly meant to show that not all rich people are too snobby to get their hands dirty. My point kinda got strawmanned on that one I feel, because I was NOT saying that the exception to the rule proves you wrong. There's actually more than just a handful of Pat Tillman's out there too...
No one is forced in the sense of at gunpoint. Of course not, don't be a brick. But most who join likely join for a wide variety of reasons, many of which have to do socio-economic issues. These are not black and white issues but you seem to deal only in absolutes. Good luck with that.
Again, that's not at all where I was going with it. The wording I responded to literally suggested that masses of poor folks are conscripted into the military with little or no say in the matter, which is simply false. I was dirt poor at 18 and I remember the army recruiter hounding me, and it ended up being an embarassing waste of time for him. I'm no different than anyone else. Yes, there's shades of gray in anything. But thats kind of like saying "everything's so confusing and complex...oh well" and then throwing your hands up in the air. That's not a very valuable discussion in real life or on the internet.
Well, I'll use your logical mode now. I came from well-off parents and I worked at McDonald's when I was in high school. What are you, some elitist snob that you don't think people working in McDonald's are productive? And that pampered, spoiled well-off youth won't lower themselves to such menial, insignificant things?
I'm not an elitist snob, but a lot of rich people are. And even beyond that, let's say they were perfectly well adjusted nice people. I still doubt that they'd want their kids flipping burgers and making $7/hour if there was a more enriching or financially rewarding employment opportunity available to them. My buddy and I were fired by a doctor who felt that we were either "too good for it" or "deserved better" than to clean his office every other weekend.

I honestly think your assumptions of me and those posts are way off base.Maybe you got caught up in the semantics of it or simply misinterpreted it, I don't know. I hope you weren't intentionally framing it in the context that you did to strawman me, but I think I've thoroughly clarified my position irregardless.

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