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Roger, I'd be curious to what actions you take or have taking to face real violence. Are you a guy like Ghandi or the guy in Tianamin Square? A guy that is or has willing to take a truely and noble stand against violence in a non-violent manner. A guy willing and capable to put it on the line, to risk all to say STOP. Those are the real heros in the world.

Unfortunately, those indivduals are rare and even rarer are the politics and poplulation that recognizes their efforts that prevents it from being a waste of time or a waste of life. That's the irony of this whole thing. If it works you are a hero . If it doesn't then you are simply a stupid idealist.
I'm not a violent person, but I possess the capacity for violence (like many of us do). However, I seek a life of peace, for myself and others. I'm no hero, but heroism is a selfish pursuit in any event. Saving the world and protecting others is not. Of course, there's hypocrisy in all of this, especially if one tries to approach it in a sanctimonious manner.

What's more important is coming to a common understanding as it relates to peace and non-violence without having to pin it on a person, place, or event. We can paint anyone with that brush and make them a hypocrit, then point out the exceptions to the rule, seemingly proving them wrong. But who learns anything from that? And does that get us anywhere closer to living in a peaceful world? (Those are framed as rhetorical questions but they can be answered if you like.)
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