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Re: Aiki in MMA

Graham Jenkins wrote: View Post
I thought aiki was a physical/mental thing - and not a moral one...
I was gonna say the same thing...but to many aiki has many definitions that also gets into ethics.

For me, Silva is a fighter, a damn good one, and understands how to win a fight. You can bitch all day long about vaseline, pulling down trunks and all that...but in the end, they call him "winner" and "undefeated champion".

I think for many in the martial arts community it is more important how you win, not that you do win. I'd say this is important... to a degree....but in the end, it is most important to keep your priorities straight and understand the fine line you have to walk between winning and losing....and walk it.

Michael Hackett's comments about BJJ are same as mine. That is , three or four moves ahead...yeah...good ole OODA at work. Also not being spectacular on the ground? well many examples of him winning fights by submission at that level means he is damn good on the ground. Several of my BJJ friends have rolled with him and I can assure you, that their experiences were that he is one of the best BJJ experts out there. Cael Sonnen is nothing to sneeze at...guy is damn good on the ground to say that he is not spectacular on ground...well it is realitive to your opponent.

Silva is one of the best balanced martial artist out there...he can do it all stand up and ground fairly easily, and also have a cup of Joe with Seagal Sensei on the side.

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