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Re: Ordered murder

George Ledyard wrote:

Actually, the guys I have always found interesting are the Chaplains in he military. Clearly, their religious faith calls for not killing people yet they have historically been a part of keeping the troops in line and functioning. I find it fascinating that they can justify this and square it with their faith. Thou shalt not kill being fairly clear, I think.
It is interesting. There are also chaplains that serve prisoners on death row. I think is is not such a conflict as long as they focus on the healing and ministry of their mission which is to provide support, faith, and compassion to those they serve, to reduce pain and suffering.

However, if their actions become a jusitification for action or killing...well I think that is an entirely different subject.

I had a similar moral issue as I do not support killing, abhor war and violence. I thought about quitting and finding a different line of work.

However, my actions would not change anything by avoiding it. I justified my position as profession because it was my duty to affect change and help people make the best possible decisions from within the system. If I do my job right and set a good example and train warriors to be the best they can having both mentally, spiritually, and physcially strong and prepared warriors...then they can make the best decisions when it counts.

It also goes back to what you said earlier about the actions of our civilian leadership, voters, and all that. The real issue of morality and justification lay there and not necessarily on the head of the soldier.

That all was good and worked for me until I got "down range", I understand your position and thoughts on the economic justification for war. However, if you see the acts of evil at the individual level that occur. The warped thoughts and actions of evil people. It does not make it too hard to realize that someone has to be willing to stop this stuff.

As I said, I sleep well at night with the decisions I have made. I hope that my kids can live in a world that is a little less violent. However, I also try and educate them to not be a hypocrite and have the courage to stand up to those that want to harm them and others.

I do, however, agree with much of your assessment on the economic decisions at the high levels of our government/corporate government. We do need to understand this as citizens and hold our government accountable for the actions it takes.

Good discussion. I think it demonstrates clearly the complexity of the situations and morality, ethics, and how we all play a part in it and need to recognize the "karma" of our thoughts and actions.

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