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Re: Aiki in MMA

Just saw the Silva / Ortiz fight. Lots of Aiki when you are grabbing the guy's trunks and hitting him. I guess breaking the rules ( and not have the ref calling it) is part of aiki.

Scott Harrington
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Thanks Scott.

Yes, and wiping the Vaseline off his eyebrows onto his shoulders before the Sonnen fight, the shoulder strike to Sonnen at the Weight in, the time he wore the mask at the weigh in for UFC 126 to taunt Vitor Belfort.......I could go on. Yes, nice AIKI there Silva!
All those are little examples to get into the mind of his opponent and throw off their game. In my limited knowledge isn't part of aiki to lead the mind of your opponent? Didn't you both bite just sitting on the couch? Just one way to think about it...

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