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Disagree. I took an oath to support and defend the constituion. I did not sign up for a particular fate. The military works for both the president and congress...elected respresentatives of the people. It is the people of the united states that are and should be accountable for the actions of our country.

Your very logic is exactly my point. "You get what you deserve cause you volunteered for it". You don't share in the investment of trigger pulling. As a citizen of the US, you share in the actions of our government and the military.

Also your logic about Vietnam is incorrect. The will of the people was not behind the war. I'd submit that the fact that we had a draft was the major reason for us pulling out. I'd bet it'd have gone on longer if we did not have a draft.

I would agree that not having a draft makes it easier to wage war. That is my point exactly. It is why our military leaders don't want a draft. Fundamentally though, while it may slow down our abiltiy to take action, I think that it is a good point to consider that we do not have the investment in our country that is necesary to keep our government accountable.

Basically as long as gas is cheap and we can drive our SUVs with big cup holder with a cell phone and starbucks in hand...then we really don't think too much about stuff that makes us feel sad.
Jingoism is not something I ascribe to, which is where the first part of your post was headed. But you got to the nuts and bolts of it in the middle there, only to end it on a less than positive note by lumping all Americans into the cliche image of consumption-crazed sociopaths. I see that as sandwich with two extremes being the bread, and the truth being the meat.

You're saying that the draft would actually prevent war and death, which seems contradictory, but I do agree with that to an extent. Many other factors though, and lots of different directions to take this. So I'll leave off there.
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