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Simon Lai
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Is this my A-Ha moment?

Yesterday, we were doing tanto mune tsuki and tanto yokomen uchi and gyuku yokomen uchi jiyu waza (uke can come from either hand).

When it was my turn to be the shite, I kept on doing hiji-ate kokyu-nage when uke comes with tanto mune tsuki and ushiro-ate when uke comes with tanto yokomen uchi or gyuku yokomen uchi.

There was no thinking, I seem to have forgotten all other techniques and just repeatedly do the two techniques as mentioned, over and over again....

Is this my A-Ha moment? When it comes to pressure testing is this how my body will react? Should I be faced with similar situation in non-dojo setting, will my body react similarly?

My A-Ha moment is that it is better to be good in one or two techniques than be good in many techniques and get confused when you really need to use it.

Yesterday, I am happy to have the opportunity to get to know myself better.

What say you all?


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